The Best Ways To Naturally Tighten Your Vaginal Walls

There are numerous recommendations when it comes to the topic of vaginal tightening. Many of them include costly cosmetic surgery, such as vaginal rejuvenation, or over the counter creams and gels. These are viable options for some women.However, others prefer to start with more natural methods as shown at If you have not tried anything to help restore the firmness of your vaginal muscles, than it’s a good idea to start with natural and move onto more potent products if this doesn’t work as quickly as you want.

The most obvious solution to tighten the vag is having more sexual relations and more orgasms. These two exercises help to tighten the vaginal muscles. During an orgasm your pelvic floor muscles are the things you feel contracting. This contracting motion will tone these muscles effectively. This is by far the best method we have found to tone these muscles up and prepare your body for stronger feeling orgasms.

The next method is trying kegel exercises. These are specific motions targeted at the pelvic floor muscles. These are the muscles that you put to work during intercourse, which you can see in action at Overtime they can weaken. Kegels can be done anywhere and are easy to fit in multiple times throughout your day. You can do them sitting down, in the car, or anywhere you would like to.

Lastly, we suggest trying ben-wa balls or geisha balls for a more intense workout. It’s true that kegels involved the pelvic floor muscles in contracting movements, but adding the balls on top of the motion will help to increase your strength and endurance of these certain muscles. These balls, no matter which name you refer to them as, come in different sizes,shapes, and weights. You should start with the lighter balls and work your way up to the heavier ones. For tons of more great information be sure to visit soon.